OPEN FORUM in Padova to present TILDE results

OPEN FORUM in Padova to present TILDE results 2560 1281 TILDE Transformative and Inclusive Leadership from Deep Democracy

The final event for TILDE project was organized the on May 5th 2023 at Arcella’s neighboorhood community house “Marchesi living lab”, in Padova, Italy.

Arcella is the most multicultural neigborhood in Padova, often at the center of political controversies and tensions between the people who live there, for this reason the choice of the venue had a special meanings and impact on the activities. 

The first part of the final event was dedicates to present the TILDE project to the participants and to present the artistic activities connected to the theme of migrations present throughout the day.  

The artistic activities connected to the event were related to painting, with the exhibition I am visible throughout the final event, and the videos of different artists always connected to the specific field visible throughout the day. The possibility was also used for the participants to express themselves and leave their feedback through drawing during the event.

The second part of the final event was represented by an OPEN FORUM related to the theme of migration and collective and individual responsibilities, which involved Italian and migrant citizens of the neighborhood, representatives of associations and cooperatives related to this area, political representatives of the city of Padua and students of the Italian and of some other countries schools of processwork. as expected, some of the participants came specially from other countries, Spain, Holland, France, and Hungary, to participate in the event and learn about the project. In most cases they were members of associations, operators and facilitators of associations in contact with project partners particularly interested in the methodology.

Moreover, a further presentation of the project was made the previous day during the official inauguration of the neighborhood house in the presence of the mayor, 5 councilors, the entire neighborhood council and over 100 people representing the associations and citizens of the neighborhood.

If you would like to download the presentation of the Final Event and Open Forum in Padova, Italy, please click below: