FINAL MEETING… for now! 2560 1920 TILDE Transformative and Inclusive Leadership from Deep Democracy

In the city of Padova, Italy, a significant milestone was reached in May 2023 as the final meeting of the project took place. This gathering brought together all the partners of the project. The meeting served as an opportunity to evaluate the process, assess the results, plan for the final tasks, and contemplate the sustainability of the project, partnership, and its outcomes.

One of the primary objectives of the final meeting was to evaluate the entire process of the project. This encompassed internal coordination within each partner organization, coordination among the local teams, and coordination with local associations. The evaluation provided valuable insights to enhance future projects and strengthen interorganizational relationships.

Another crucial aspect of the final meeting was to assess the results achieved throughout the project’s duration. The partners reviewed the impact of the local trainings, analyzing how they had contributed to capacity building within the target communities. Additionally, they examined the effectiveness of the Programme and Toolkit developed as part of the project. The feedback received from the beneficiaries of these initiatives played an important role in understanding the project’s achievements and identifying areas for refinement.

As the project approached its conclusion, the final meeting served as a platform to discuss the last tasks, with a particular focus on dissemination. The partners deliberated on the best strategies to effectively communicate the project’s outcomes and lessons learned. By leveraging various channels such as social media, conferences, and workshops, they aimed to ensure that the project’s impact extended beyond its completion. Emphasizing the significance of disseminating their work, the partners explored innovative ways to share their experiences, findings, and recommendations with a broader audience.

To ensure the longevity of the project’s impact, the final meeting provided a dedicated space for partners to reflect on the sustainability of the project, partnership, and its results. They deliberated on strategies to maintain the achievements, build upon the established networks, and engage local stakeholders in continuation efforts.