Our materials

TILDE project is a project that aims to contribute to social inclusion in Europe, and specifically to promote dialogue in the field of migration among partner countries. It utilizes creative processes based on leadership, conflict transformation, and creativity.

The project’s main outcomes and results are freely accessible HERE, in five different languages, including an Easy Reading versions.

Our TILDE materials include:

  • the TILDE TRAINING PROGRAMME, a specific methodological proposal to create workshops around the migration topics. It has been developed over the entire project by Tilde team working  with various target groups and diverse local contexts. 

  • the TILDE TOOLKIT, where you can find:
    13 different activities and practical proposals to do with your group
    – the TILDE Theoretical Framework, to enter into the world of Deep Democracy and Process Work
    – an Open Forum Kit, to organize a public forum to talk about migration with your community, an infographic abbout rank dynamics
    – an Poster on Rank, that delves into the fundamental principles of rank and power dynamics
    – some videos with short interviews to TILDE team members, sharing their understanding of the project and reflections on the project’s outcomes.
    – an inspiring video-documentary available in both short and longer versions, showcasing and documenting the actual activities carried out during a local training in Grottaglie, Italy.

We recognize the significance of accessibility for everyone, particularly in the migration field where language barriers can arise. To address this, we have developed an Easy Reading version of our materials. This format ensures that individuals with varying levels of language proficiency can readily engage and comprehend the content.