Why we have included creative and artistic proposals in this project?

Why we have included creative and artistic proposals in this project? 2560 1706 TILDE Transformative and Inclusive Leadership from Deep Democracy

The TILDE project is an innovative endeavor that seeks to advance social innovation in the migration field through Deep Democracy approach. As part of this initiative, creative proposals have been integrated into the project’s processes and outcomes, to foster social innovation and positive change.

TILDE project is a research process, combining different approaches for social innovation in the migratory field. One of the aspects of the project was to incorporate in our processes and results creative and artistic proposals. During the process, we have tested and recognized the value of incorporating them. These approaches worked as transformative tools that facilitate dialogue, forge connections, and unlock unique forms of expression, especially in contexts where language barriers may pose challenges.

Music, theatre, photography, poetry… they all have the ability to bridge gaps, promote understanding, and cultivate empathy in multicultural and multilingual settings. Communication goes beyond words, and by incorporating various creative outlets, we enable individuals to connect on a deeper level, beyond the constraints of language.

Moreover, creative proposals connected with art, music, and movement bring vibrancy and dynamism to our processes. We provide an energic and vital way to engage participants, encouraging them to bring themselves fully into the activity. These approaches are already well known, and this creates a safer and immersive environment where individuals can actively participate, explore different perspectives, and deepen their understanding of complex topics. The familiarity and comfort that participants have with certain artistic forms facilitate their engagement and enhance the overall learning experience.

Artistic proposals broaden our perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse viewpoints. They allow us to explore and express our thoughts and feelings in ways that words alone may struggle to capture. This process may cultivate empathy, break down stereotypes, and build bridges across cultural and linguistic barriers.

The inclusion of creative and artistic proposals in our project helped in many situations as a powerful catalyst for transformative experiences and meaningful connections. We invite you to explore our materials, and find out how we included some creative tools into our project.