TILDE project presents their results in Vevey, Switzerland.

TILDE project presents their results in Vevey, Switzerland. 2000 1333 TILDE Transformative and Inclusive Leadership from Deep Democracy

On a sunny afternoon in Vevey’s Place Robin, the TILDE Festival created a captivating atmosphere. The TILDE Festival embodied a unique and joyful celebration, fostering connections, and showcasing the power of creativity in Switzerland.

In the town of Vevey, Switzerland, a dynamic event unfolded on the enchanting Friday of May 26th, uniting an eclectic tapestry of cultures and talents. The TILDE Festival presented a joyful experience brimming with delectable flavors, captivating melodies, and interactive art workshops, which all lead to create connections and dialogue around migration, and to present the TILDE project, and its results.

This affair took place at the La Cour de l’Avenir, an ideal venue choice that flawlessly complemented the diverse neighborhood of Vevey. With its strategic location and open-air ambiance, this space blossoms during the spring and summer seasons, hosting an array of cultural activities that cater to the interests of the community. Its prominent position facing a bustling square ensures a constant stream of local visitors, including families, children, and residents.

The festival showcased the culinary expertise of Djala, Binta, and Nasima, talented neighbors hailing from Senegal, Gambia, and Bangladesh respectively. With their homemade dishes, they treated attendees to a delectable journey through the flavors and traditions of their respective countries. Alongside this feast, the Eritrean Coffee Ritual, crafted by Freweyni, invaded the air, adding an additional layer of delight to the home atmosphere.

Another special moment of the event was the soulful acoustic music performed by Nikander, a skilled guitarist from Chile.

To further engage participants, Ludo from deco-spray.ch organized a participative graffiti workshop. Attendees, specialy kids and youth, had the opportunity to leave their mark on a communal canvas. Youth from diverse backgrounds eagerly lined up to participate in the workshop, which centered around creating graffiti related to the theme of migration. The attraction was so strong that it drew the attention of many parents, who accompanied their children and eventually entered the venue to take part in the activities.

At the end of the day, Mani Sanou, renowned percussionist from Burkina Faso, led a performance by his percussion band, captivating the audience with their rhythmic beats and energetic movements. The collective pulse of the drums echoed through the square, promoting joyous applause and dancing among the spectators.

The TILDE Festival embodied the spirit of creativity, connection, and jubilation. It served as the memorable closing event of the project. Throughout the afternoon, the festival brought together people from different walks of life, transcending cultural boundaries and fostering a sense of unity. The harmonious blend of flavors, melodies, and artistic expressions created an enchanting experience around migration topics.

Thank you very much to all the people that collaborated, and participated in the event! We hope to see you very soon!

PHOTOS: Mathieu Voisard – Altekio

The following photos were taken by the photographer of La Cour de l’Avenir, Marion Savoy.

PHOTOS: Marion Savoy – La Cour de l’Avenir