TILDE English materials


The TILDE TRAINING PROGRAMME is a methodological proposal developed by the Tilde team, aimed at creating impactful workshops on migration topics. This comprehensive programme caters to diverse target groups and local contexts, offering different activities and practical proposals to facilitate engaging learning experiences. By combining interactive exercises, theoretical frameworks, and participant-centered approaches, the programme fosters a deeper understanding of power dynamics in the migration field, promotes dialogue, and encourages social inclusion.

With its adaptability and emphasis on collaborative learning, the TILDE TRAINING PROGRAMME equips individuals and communities with some innovative tools and knowledge to navigate migration challenges and contribute to inclusive societies.


The TILDE TOOLKIT is a valuable resource that encompasses various materials and proposals to support workshops, discussions, and activities related to migration. It is a comprehensive collection of tools designed to facilitate learning, engagement, and dialogue on migration topics.

The TILDE TOOLKIT serves as a valuable resource for trainers, educators, community organizers, and individuals interested in exploring and addressing migration-related issues. It offers practical guidance, theoretical frameworks, and multimedia materials to support inclusive dialogue, understanding, and transformative learning experiences.

– The TILDE TOOLKIT offers a diverse range of 13 activities and practical proposals designed to engage and empower your group in meaningful ways. These activities are carefully curated to foster dialogue, enhance understanding on subtle information in ourselves and in our relationships, and encourage conscious leadership and conflict transformation.

– Our TILDE Theoretical Framework serves as a gateway to the world of Deep Democracy and Process Work. It provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles and concepts that guide these transformative approaches. Through the framework, participants delve into the exploration of power dynamics, rank dynamics, and the role of facilitation in creating inclusive spaces for dialogue and conflict resolution.

Open Forum Kit: The toolkit includes a kit specifically designed to help organize public forums on migration topics within local communities. It provides guidance on structuring these discussions effectively, with tips and recommendations for BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the Open Forum.

Poster on rank dynamics: the TILDE TOOLKIT includes an informative poster that visually depicts key concepts related to rank and power dynamics. This resource highlights various aspects of rank, emphasizing the significance of developing awareness and understanding of these dynamics. By raising consciousness about rank dynamics, individuals can foster more equitable and sustainable relationships, promoting fairness and balance in their interactions.

You can also check our videos in the link below:

– an inspiring video-documentary available in both short and longer versions, showcasing and documenting the actual activities carried out during a local training in Grottaglie, Italy.

– some videos with short interviews to TILDE team members, sharing their understanding of the project and reflections on the project’s outcomes.


We recognize the significance of accessibility for everyone, particularly in the migration field where language barriers can arise. To address this, we have developed an Easy Reading version of our materials. This format ensures that individuals with varying levels of language proficiency can readily engage and comprehend the content.